Tuesday, May 1, 2012


****DISCLAIMER-I wrote this blog entry back in March and I am just now posting it after adding a couple of more TWIN signs*****

I want to document this for myself and my family. For the last few months I have been getting a strong feeling that we are going to have twins. I am not pregnant (to my knowledge), but I just keep getting signs that we may have some twins in our future.

I guess it all started a year or so ago when we started discussing adding on to our family. We would talk to Brooks and Ellie about it and Ellie would declare that she wanted a SISTER! And Brooks would speak up and say that he wanted a BROTHER! We started (jokingly) saying that maybe God would give us twins, a boy and a girl, so we can have a brother and a sister!

My best friend, Kristin, told me she was pregnant this past fall with her 4th child (wonderful surprise and amazing God story)!! When she came to my house to tell me, she also informed me that she has been praying for me to have twins next. I said, "WHAT? WHY? STOP!!" Haha! This started the whole TWIN signs for me.

Weird things started happening. The more we talked about twins, the more twins signs we were noticing. First, we got a phone call from our dear friends, Carrie and Rollins to tell us they were pregnant, as we were squealing with joy while talking with them on speaker phone, I said "we thought y'all were going to tell us that you are having twins" I have no idea why this even came out of my mouth, but it did. And their reply was, "We are!! How did you know?" It was crazy, we were so excited and are now in waiting to meet their identical twin princesses, Madison and Kaitlin!!

Next, we were opening presents on Christmas day and my mom had ordered a new baby doll that came with a stroller, bottle, outfits, etc... When Ellie opened the box, she pulled out TWO babies and TWO of everything that went with the babies!! My mom and I just looked at each other and started laughing!!

There have been many other small things about twins that I have come across and I might just be finding signs because I am looking for them, but sometimes I just get these feelings about things and they happen, so I wanted to write this down before I forget :)

Tonight I got my second order for my new business, Picket Fence Creations and the lady who called said she had twin grandbabies, a boy and a girl. I later found out after becoming friends on Facebook that the twins were delivered by my OB/GYN, small world!!

I was getting my haircut the other day by a new lady and out of nowhere she said, "I just have to tell you about this client I had the other day, she had two sets of twins. Both sets were a boy and a girl" She literally said this out of nowhere and we had never met or even talked about children-RANDOM!! Later I found out that we attend the same church :)

Who knows what the future holds, but I just wanted to document all of these things in case we have a great story to tell in the near future!!

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  1. i have to admit...my heart caught in my throat for a minute when this popped up in my reader! i was about to be upset that i had to read big news on your blog of all places - ha! :)
    i totally believe in things like this....there are no "coincidences" where God is concerned!